For You..You..and You..

Society is wrong. Dead wrong. We’re taught that exotic is beautiful. We’re taught to believe that miniature waists, and perfect tans are beautiful. We’re convinced that the blonde girls with the gorgeous smiles will win every time. But, the truth is? Originality is beautiful. Big brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes,black eyes. Curves. Your natural skin tone is beautiful. Your hair color, your smile. Your voice, your laugh, your personality. Every inch of you is beautiful, every single part of you shines with your essence. You, my dear? You’re lovely.

source : Tumblr

I have been told that, the perfect cloth for women is confidence..lets wear it, and be comfortable of who we are..=D


  1. waa cantek nya background blog u! baru prasan. hehe

    selamat hari raya twin. maaf zahir batin :)

  2. yeah.. confidence for women.. tngh berusaha ke arah itu

  3. Yusof : Ngantok ek baca..mintak maaf ye..=p

    Nanan: Selamat ari raya twin!!!

    Sue : Jom sama2..=D

  4. always have to wear that cloth...(confidence)...heee~