Real world situation

Soooo true right!! nie real wold situation..hehehe
Kids bags are bigger than ours..some of their bags are even bigger than their body!! (o_o')
For college students,some of us just put their pen/pencil in pocket and walk confidently to class...betul x??
Hehe..tak kisah la, u know your own ability, some of us just need to sit and listen and they remember the whole lecture and some of us copy everything the lecturer said and still have no idea about what is going on in classroom..=)

Have a wonderful day fella!!


  1. ha'ah.. kecik2 sume nk bwak.. klu bleh kucing pon nk bwk g skolah gak.. hehe

  2. betul2..sekarang masuk kelas lau boleh x mau bawak pe2...nak dgr jew..lecture cakp pe lepas tu balik..:D