Roses and Hills

I am not a big fan of flower, especially roses..not a fan..not a fan..
BUT when I got one, the feeling was AWWESOOOOME!! =D
then I got another one, another one, and another one!! It feels super duper awesome!!!  one from cuki and the other three were from my lovely mr.Panda!! thanks yaw!!

Pretty Roses from pretty people in my life..=)

and yeah! I gave two white roses, one for my lovely twin and one for my beloved mr.Panda!! and the roses was soooo big and pretty!! just like me ..=p  (the big part is soo true..*sigh*)

For the second time I went to Penang Hill.. tapi Penang Hill dah laen, train dah laju and they were renovating the place. For those yang plan nak datang tahun depan I think it's gonna worthy..sebab Penang Hill still sejuk and cantek!!  Here are some pictures for you..

Cuki serius nampak takut..twin excited gila muka..hehehe me?? separuh berani separuh takut gak..=p

A lovely date with my girlfriends..=D
P/s: Twin seriously this is your fault,! u keep telling me about wanting to buy this and that, now I hv the same feeling..gosh !! (>_<)


  1. haha yeay ade geng! jum kita g shopping jum! hehehe

  2. abu : Nk ikot ke cik abu?? =p

    Twin : Hehehe..blanje please...

  3. Dress, cardigan, blouse n pants pada harga mampu milik..Boleh lawati untuk keterangan lanjut :):)