Anwar Hadi and Bloglist

Okay third entry today..tak ada keja ke?? ermmm..Yupp!!! \(^_^)/
I think starting tomorrow, I not going to update my blog coz THE TRIPLET (from previous entry) are coming home!!! Yeah!!!

Ooo..back to Anwar Hadi, he is awesome!! This is a very very good video. I mean it is entertaining, has moral values ,related to our life and most important aspect is, he makes the viewer think. Cool rite.. 

At the end of the short sketch he said " I didnt felt ready.." and he said he intentionally use that form of grammar and ask the viewer to figure out why.. (The correct form is I didnt feel ready..incase you are wondering..=)  )
I think he meant that, during the period of using the 'THINGS' that he/she borrowed they didn't feel like following the rules but when it comes to punishment, suddenly they have the urge of wanting to follow the rules..

That is just my opinion, how about yours?? and..

About the BLOGLIST, if any of you want to be in my bloglist just leave your link here okay..=) I am thinking of updating my bloglist..

Till then Chill Yaww...


  1. tu diaaaaaa! haha
    suka tgk yg ewwww tu. ahax
    follow here! ;D
    _piNk sitE_

  2. kan..pandai dia becakap..=)

  3. pandai berkata-kata ..hikhik.. nak update bloglist? tp sy dah ada dlm bloglist awk... :)

  4. hehehe Betul tu Efa... Pembakar semangat !! rajin-rajinlah comment blog Emma k ???

  5. Abu : Hehe..dah ada tak pe..

    Emma : Yup2..keep in touch ya..=)