Her Husband Wet His Pants??

Playing House

A boy of three and a girl of four, were playing house one day. They played that they were man & wife and they were going away. As they knocked upon a neighbor's door, the little girl bowed low saying, "This is my husband and I'm his wife. We're visiting you you know.
"Come in, come in," the lady at the door said, "and take yourself a seat. I'll bring you both some lemonade and something good to eat."
She gave them each a tall glass and a cookie on a plate. Later, she offered them a second cup of frosty lemonade.
"Oh no, thank you", the little girl said, as she took the small boy's hand, "We really have to go now. My husband wet his pants"'

Hehe, comel budak-budak ni kan..tapi tuan rumah la tak larat nak basuh sofa pas budak tu balik...=p terjumpa time dok besembang dengan En.Google tadi, senyum sorang-sorang.

Sebagai penutup, saja nak tunjuk kat korang breakfast pagi tad..=)

Egg in Toast

Kalo nak try gak boleh la tengok resipi dekat Dapur Tanpan Sempadan ye..=)

Till then, chill Yaww..

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