A Birthday Present From Me to Myself

I have been thinking a lot about creating a blog. What am i going to write? What language will I use? What if...what will.. and so on.  Some people may think" Come on its just a blog its not like you are going to buy a car!" and I will be like arghh! its a blog dude! and then I think again..hmm do u think people are going to read your blog?? err no.. so?? .. yeah soo true! =D Still, I like to hear some other opinion.

Me : I am thinking about having a blog
Mr Panda : A blog? About what?
Me: Nothing, just sharing my interest, may be cooking, teaching and so on.
Mr Panda: Okay, jangan kutuk orang sudah 

charming Mr Panda..=D

So here I am, on my 23rd birthday, I decided to surprise myself by giving her  'A BLOG' which I hope will be a great use for a girl name Efa.

*happy birthday*

Note for The Owner : Happy birthday ME, may u find happiness in your life ,may u fulfill all your wonderful dreams and may you marry to the most amazing guy you ever met. =D


  1. haha..selamat hari jadi..hehe..1st follower..yeahh..hhaaa

  2. tu la..aku pun terpinga-pinga lagi nie..kat mana nak tgk follower..hehehe

  3. I do love the last statement by Mr. Panda.. :)

  4. onney: charming Mr.Panda ~kitaorg speaking tu~ hehehe

    welcome to the club!