WARNING : Three of The Big Four are coming to Malaysia!!!

This July is gonna be legend.....wait for it......DARY!! Legendary!!! Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea are coming to Malaysia for their pre-season friendly. Mr.Panda is soooo upset that he is not able to see his idol which is Arsenal player. Pity him, its okay dear, kita belajar rajin2 kumpul duit banyak2 pastu kita yang pegi sana.. mahu?? =D It is a good chance for our national team to train with the best and improve their skills. Here is some poster courtesy from Mr.Google. (By the way, I really-really want to see David Villa!! Can you get him to Malaysia??? =p)

13 July 2011

16 July 2011

21 July 2011
 Go and get your ticket now!!! and if you are lucky enough you'll get the training pass and watch them playing around. Oh, this must be a huge moment for EPL fan in Malaysia. Saya yang tak minat bola pon excited gak!! I only watch World Cup so I know their faces but not their names and I cant even match their names with their faces ~sigh~ =.=


  1. waaaa!!!nk pegi!damn!apsal la dtg tgh2 mggu...hadoi!!

    -cesc fabeZek ben persie-

  2. Panjangnya la nama pengomen setia nie.. Tu la kan kalo hujung minggu boleh gak curi-curi g sana..

  3. hyepp...singgah dari blog shahzone

  4. nasib tak bek la sbb time kelas kan..huhu