What you see in the mirror?? Is it true??

So true.. that is what we are looking at every day..
Situation :

Boy : Look, the hotties are coming.. (Wishpering to a girl next to him)

Girl: Yeah.. (What am I? I am not that pretty, I don't even know how to dress up like that..I am nothing)

It is disturbing right...
what is beauty??How would you define beauty??
I don't really have any answer for that question.. me myself, I am full of the society's beauty concept..I see girls with flawless skin as pretty, I see girls with perfect face as pretty, adorable smile and so on..hmm
Some will say noooo!!!! the inner beauty is more important..yeah .. no one can ever deny it..but the reality is you look at the appearance first and it takes days, weeks and perhaps years to see the inner beauty...
How many of you are willing to wait and have a good look at a person inner beauty before you walk out from their life?

I let you think for a while..=)