Efa Punya cerita pasal Botox ???


Title bukan main lagi, cucuk botox ke cuti-cuti nie? hohoo.. jap lg kita cerita..

I just wondering what everyone wrote for their 2nd entry. Adakah menulis isu serius?? Or still in the ice breaking process (Its not like ice breaking with other people, just you and your own blog.. =p) . Then, I decided, Nahh..no Ice breaking, we will know each other more and more as the time past, rite my little blog?? (I can see my blog nodding..OMG!)

Oh back to my botox story, there is one thing that I really-really wanna share, thanks to my TWIN she is the one who shows this video to me..and yeah I adore her blog..=D

An eight years old girl got botox injection coz she thinks she got wrinkles!! All the nine years old must be 'panicking' out there..=p Wondering what her mother think while seeing her little girl crying in pain due to the injection. Lucky that she got such a beautiful daughter, what if her daughter's face is not pretty enough in her eyes? Perhaps she might force a plastic surgery on her baby just to change her face..who knows.. Yet, it may be how she shows her love..kan kita mana tau.. better than those who throw their baby from the top of apartment..gila kan, baling baby macam tu je.. Be more human please..

Hey kinoskoko thank u for being my first follower yaww..hehehe.. nanti ajar aku mcamana berblog ek..hehehe..


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