My story : Result sem lepas

Alhamdulillah, the pressure has gone..I already got my result and it is beyond my expectation..Alhamdulillah.. It was a tough sem for me..pheww

I got one extremely extremely extremely strict lecturer last sem. I mean seriously..she is soooo perfectionist. She will not accept your proposal just because you forgot to put only one punctuation. She is sooo particular about how you explained things, how you form the sentences to convey the meaning. Its not weird though, she is a linguist...Hmm..but Her class was fun and I enjoy learning from her..=) Thank u Miss.

So she gives me the grade that she thinks I deserve and I agree with her..hehe... I think I am fine with may not be flying colors for others but I think I am going to be fine with this result..=)   

Congrtaz yaww my fella TEYLian!! are we going to get 100% dean list this year??? Insya-Allah, I think so..=)

Congratz guys!!!


  1. Congratz girl...hehee..
    I have Her also in my She the same person??hahaha...

    btw..nice new layout...

  2. and only Miss______ .. miss itulah sapa lagi Miss yang ganas macam tu..hehe

    Tq2..nampak la blog pompuan sket..=)

  3. congrats girl (tiru oney) klakar bunyinya. hahaha

    congrats u! watever ur pointer is, mmg worth la dgn usaha u smpai u nmpak serabut ms exam week. hehe

  4. 100% dean list?? waaaaa...
    cross finger..
    congrats all...

  5. selamat buat semuanya! :) moga sukses slalu!

  6. Twin: Hehehe.. thank u.. worth la.. I mmg risau gila kot ngan socio tu...

    Nana: Hopefullykan..baru sama2 epi.. tapi dean list seems not enough dah sekarang..heheh

    Farra: Thanks ya..=)